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In progress

  • A brand new way of work organization
  • Choice composer
  • Business cards solution



  • Naši.com, a social network platform for a market of 20 million users living on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia and 10 million expatriates spread over the world.


  • 3DWiggle, the easiest way to create 3D wiggle images and to publish them. 3DWiggle brings a new way to increase the appeal of a website and so the effectiveness of the message.


  • JustResizeIt!, resize images with one drag and drop, with option to privately share the resized pictures. More over the increasing importance of private picture sharing here.JRI-Timeline


  • UVEX Webshop integration with SAP
  • Pufnica.com, swiss-serbian online life style and fashion magazine, with exclusive content.


  • PostCard, mobile application for sending real, physical postcards directly from a smartphone; a project for Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, the major Swiss Telecom Operator.
    p_006 p_007 p_030


  • Da Vinci, the high level VOIP new phone generation combining phone and proprietary internet apps; a project for Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, the major Swiss Telecom Operator.


  • beFree, a proof of concept of a high level VOIP new phone generation combining phone and proprietary internet apps; a project for Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, the major Swiss Telecom Operator.
  • Bathroom configurator, a proof of concept of a new way to choose all components of a bathroom in a rendered scene.
  • Archplan & Archfly, a proof of concept of a new way to create a fast 3D render and walk through the 3D object online with reduced bandwidth.


  • GIS application for automatizing the production of thematic maps using quantitative and qualitative statistical data and geographic data; for the Swiss Federal Statistical Office on behalf of Microgis SA, Switzerland.
  • CTI hybrid for SNOM VoIP hardware phones allowing for contact database search, retrieval, dialing and caller-id notifications when used with a PC; for e-fon AG, Switzerland.


  • Advanced version for business users of the VoIP softphone developed on behalf of eyeP Media SA for SwissCom (Schweiz) AG, allowing multi-line and including conferencing capabilities.
    Crystal_Thales - 01 CrystalSWISSCOM_dialer_16


  • Customizable GUI in C++ and Adobe Flash for the VoIP client of eyeP Media SA. Building a feature rich OEM softphone providing interactive voice as well as video communication capabilities through IP networks.


  • Softphone VoIP application developed on behalf of eyeP Media SA for Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, the major Swiss telecom operator.
  • Website development and product design for sports nutrition products dealer NNC, incorporating an online shop and newsletter system.BluWin-phonecoral_cal-mag_v04.03dose_coral_v02


  • Launch of the own VoIP service SwissDial in Serbia, with high quality connections and terminated in Switzerland. The system was able to operate over poor internet connections, even dial-up.
  • swissdial_map_03swissdial_shema


  • Bax-P impulse, a CMS allowing to create an entire website without the need for professional services. With templates, add-ons, and integrated hosting, the customers were able to go online in record time (best recorded time was 22 minutes).
  • Large scale Bax-P installation. Bax-P is serving thousands of pages, maintained by over 30 editors, and including a system for building independently administered mini-sites inside a main site, in the final version of the Web Portal of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

17.05.2002 - Development center Perspectives Software Solutions d.o.o. founded in Belgrade, Serbia


  • Website for Carl Gustav Jung foundation enabling foundation members to publicize events, seminars and projects.
  • Website for promotion of Swiss National Health policy of Swiss Federal Ministry of Health


  • B2B website with the interface to the internal SAP system for ordering and tracking, for Calvin Klein Watches.
  • Website with multi dimensional distribution of information depending on the “role” and the position of the visitor inside the site, for the Zurich City hospital Triemli.
  • Building the Data warehouse and Statistical Analysis of Swiss Health Care for the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.
  • Design and website development for a school, Lycée Français de Zurich.LFZ1triemli1_118


  • Bax-P, development of our CMS based on our own object oriented server side scripting language, ahead of PHP 4.0 at that time. Bax-P is a fully dynamic, object-oriented Site Information Broker and Content Management System.
  • IT fair Orbit in Basel Switzerland, launch of Bax-P impulse.
  • Web news management system for publishing news from independent journalists, for the Serbian Opposition. This system was one of the few news portals that stayed online during October 5th 2001 demonstrations in Belgrade, Serbia.


  • Development of a computer aided application compiler, for Sika AG, allowing the user to produce a step-by-step outline of the necessary working instructions to generate rapidly custom user manuals.
  • GUI interface generator developed on behalf of Crealogix for Credit Suisse cash dispensers.
  • Design and website development for the international tourist school in Zurich and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.CreditSuisse



  • Development of our own product InfoServer, a server-side scripting language and web server developed in Borland Delphi. It’s one of the first available CMS worldwide.
  • Website for the Association of Swiss Hospitals, H+
  • Own OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) tool allow to compare the performances of Swiss hospitals over 10 years, delivered on CD in cooperation with for H+, the Swiss hospital association. It is a Win32 application with a dynamic Drill-Down for beginners, advanced and professional users.

hplus342neuron_bubble neuron_lineal

20.01.1998 - Perspectives Software Solutions GmbH founded

90' - Founders background

Featured projects

Class visualisation compiler for the first public implementation of Java.
Management information systems for Swiss hospitals.
Hospital resource management system for the University hospital Zurich, Switzerland.

Dcreenshot, DISPO, hospital ressource planning system GEWISS


Graduates and studies on the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland (ETHZ)

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