Swisscom Postcard

Mobile application for sending postcards via the Swiss Post


Swisscom (the major Swiss telecom operator) was looking to implement a mobile application for sending postcards via the Swiss Post. A first specification was available. Three different services (local.ch for address discovery, EasyPay service for payment and the Swiss Post service) were to be included while providing the user a seamless experience. The project needed coordination between many departments of a big corporation.


  • We carefully reassessed the specifications and completed them to start from a solid base.
  • We efficiently developed the mobile application using the Adobe® Flex® framework targeting the Adobe® AIR® run-time so it would run on both iOS and Android.
  • We successfully coordinated the different departments to integrate the three different services (local.ch for address discovery, EasyPay service for payment and the Swiss Post service).

More than code

We clarified the specifications to make sure that the business expectations are understood and the objectives can be met. The mental process during writing filled the gaps and cleared the underestimation of complexity.
We gathered the needed elements from different players and made sure they are involved in the project.


Having the same cultural elements and being in the same team helped to complete the project successfully.

Any size