Perspectives Software Solutions

A Swiss company founded in 1998 providing nearshoring services and products


PERSPECTIVES Software Solutions (PSS) GmbH is a Swiss company founded in 1998 by F.J. Rüegger and D. Tomic whose primary activities are in the field of software development and consulting.

Services provided include the full-cycle of project development – from the initial concept towards the implementation, deployment, end-user training and documentation. Solutions provided are based on a solid foundation of over a decade long experience.

Perspectives is dedicated to providing high quality standards in management, QA and engineering practices leading towards a successful project execution ranging from small enterprise to the corporate level.

In 2001 by spinning-off an offshore R&D (Research and Development) office in Serbia, Europe, we have managed to extend additional cost benefits to our clients in EU – thus providing premium quality nearshoring services at a fraction of the costs.


PERSPECTIVES Software Solutions is a Group consisting of two companies:

  1. Perspectives Software Solutions GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland
  2. Perspectives Software Solutions d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia

The Group structure enables us to bring out the best from the both countries – Swiss management and quality combined with the exceptional engineering skills from the Eastern Europe. The Swiss company is the primary contractor for all of the services – providing the appropriate guarantees and protection for its clients throughout the EU.


Swiss management and quality control

  • Maintains the client relationship and direct support in German, French and English language
  • Provides quotes, specifications and consulting services
  • Manages project development
  • Provides quality assurance and contractual guarantees

Eastern Europe

East European development skills and solutions finding

  • Engineering Services
  • Research and Development
  • Technical support to customers
  • Recruits, builds and manages engineering teams

Perspectives Software Solutions GmbH
Birmensdorferstrasse 101
8003 Zurich

+41 44 461 30 20

Perspectives Software Solutions d.o.o.
Hilandarska 22
11000 Beograd