Art Deco 1925

Design and adapt WordPress, Implement WooCommerce for Art Déco 1925 – Baden-Baden


The client in case, ArtDeco 1925 is a company that specializes in trading the original French Art Deco furniture from this period and a range of services related to expertise in Art deco period. Today, they represent the largest exhibition space in Germany with originals from that time. Their goal was to modernize their website, including the online showroom. The client had a clear idea of their goals they wanted to achieve with the new website.
The challenge laid in showing and explaining different types of technology to the client and finding the optimal solution for the new website. To make this happen, we needed to be in constant communication with the ArtDeco management team following their ideas and creating the best strategy to fulfill their vision.


  • Before reaching to us, the client had already had an offer for programming the website. After a thorough analysis, and despite the fact that we are a development company, we opted for building a new website based on standard existing components
  • Instead of creating custom code that requires constant maintenance, we decided to use exclusively the standard WordPress, WooCommerce and implemented them according to client’s needs. The only changes made were done at the level of CSS and just a few lines of code
  • We adapted a set of carefully chosen WordPress plug-ins to make the website 100% functional and attractive. First, we created a test website as proof of concept that we reused in the project. This helped us to minimize any misunderstandings and to make sure that the client feels comfortable while working with us
  • We implemented the online showcase room with over 400 products that needed to be uploaded and optimized manually
  • We acted as consultants to the ArtDeco management team in visual appearance of the website, including the photography, visuals and copy
  • The website is fully optimized in order to make it run as effectively as possible and as well as to receive a well-ranked position in search engines

More than code

We coded just a few lines in CSS and PHP.
We helped the client to understand the various possibilities of technology and it how it can be applied to their website so to complete the goals of their needs and strategy. In a single meeting with the management team we clarified the specifications and suggested the best tailored solutions. Although we are a development company, we proposed a non-development solution to the client, due to attentive listening, communication and brainstorming. As always, our philosophy is about commitment to the client’s idea and finding smart, economic, effective solutions to bring that idea to reality, regardless of the type of technology.


This was mainly a Swiss project. The office in Switzerland was in charge of the project management, including web design and adjustments, and communication with the client. The office in Serbia assisted with upload and optimization of the large amount of information onto the showcase room as well as the website optimization, keeping the project on budget.

Any size

Being a small-scale project for us, we gladly took upon the challenge and completed it with success. We shifted from development and took a different approach to solving the problem. Our mission is to provide any type of client with the best service. We adapt our expertise in project management and economic solutions to clients’ wishes, needs and budget. This kind of team effort is bound to succeed every time.